Rectal catheters and rectal tubes

  • made of medical grade PVC hardness ca. 76° ShA
  • “frosted” surface
  • disposable
  • sterilized in ethylene oxide
  • colour-coded funnel indicating the diameter

Rectal catheters

sizediameterlengthreference numberconnector colour
CH248,0 mm400 mm632404000
CH268,7 mm400 mm632604000
CH289,3 mm400 mm632804000
CH3010,0 mm400 mm633004000
CH3210,7 mm400 mm633204000
CH3411,3 mm400 mm633404000
CH3612,0 mm400 mm633604000

Rectal tubes

sizediameterlengthreference number
CH165,3 mm200 mm641602000
CH248,0 mm250 mm642402500
CH3010,0 mm300 mm643003000
CH 3010,0 mm400 mm 643004000