Urologic catheters

  • made of medical grade PVC hardness ca. 76° ShA
  • “frosted” surface
  • disposable
  • sterilized in ethylene oxide
  • colour-coded funnel indicating the diameter

Urological catheters Nelaton

sizediameterlengthreference numberconnector colour
CH62,0 mm400 mm620604001
CH82,8 mm400 mm620804001
CH93,0 mm400 mm620904001
CH103,3 mm400 mm621004001
CH113,7 mm400 mm621104001
CH124,0 mm400 mm621204001
CH134,3 mm400 mm621304001
CH144,7 mm400 mm621404001
CH165,3 mm400 mm621604001
CH186,0 mm400 mm621804001
CH206,7 mm400 mm622004001
CH227,3 mm400 mm622204001
CH248,0 mm400 mm622404001
CH268,7 mm400 mm622604001

Urological catheters Female Nelaton

sizediameterlengthreference numberconnector colour
CH62,0 mm200 mm620602002
CH82,8 mm200 mm620802002
CH93,0 mm200 mm620902002
CH103,3 mm200 mm621002002
CH113,7 mm200 mm621102002
CH124,0 mm200 mm621202002
CH134,3 mm200 mm621302002
CH144,7 mm200 mm621402002
CH165,3 mm200 mm621602002
CH186,0 mm200 mm621802002
CH206,7 mm200 mm622002002
CH227,3 mm200 mm622202002

Urological catheters Female Nelaton short

sizediameterlengthreference numberconnector colour
CH62,0 mm110 mm620601804
CH82,8 mm110 mm620801804
CH93,0 mm110 mm620901804
CH103,3 mm110 mm621001804
CH113,7 mm110 mm621101804
CH124,0 mm110 mm621201804
CH134,3 mm110 mm621301804
CH144,7 mm110 mm621401804
CH165,3 mm110 mm621601804

Urological catheters Tiemann

sizediameterlengthreference numberconnector colour
CH62,0 mm400 mm710604000
CH82,8 mm400 mm710804000
CH103,3 mm400 mm711004000
CH124,0 mm400 mm711204000
CH144,7 mm400 mm711404000
CH165,3 mm400 mm711604000
CH186,0 mm400 mm711804000
CH206,7 mm400 mm712004000
CH227,3 mm400 mm712204000
CH248,0 mm400 mm712404000
CH268,7 mm400 mm712604000

Urological catheters Couvelaire

sizediameterlengthreference numberconnector colour
CH62,0 mm400 mm720604000
CH82,8 mm400 mm720804000
CH103,3 mm400 mm721004000
CH124,0 mm400 mm721204000
CH144,7 mm400 mm721404000
CH165,3 mm400 mm721604000
CH186,0 mm400 mm721804000
CH206,7 mm400 mm722004000
CH227,3 mm400 mm722204000
CH248,0 mm400 mm722404000
CH268,7 mm400 mm722604000
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